A review of the Sing-Along Messiah by Seve, age 5

“I wanted to sit in the back row because it’s higher up.  I REALLY wanted to sit in the back row.

I wanted to go see the top level, too.  We saw it at intermission, which was a lot of steps, but I like that better than an escalator because it’s better for exercise.  You can see more stuff but the seats are NOT soft.

I LOVE the seats that bump back and forth when you stand up.  Those are my FAVOURITE seats. You stand up a LOT in this show.

I didn’t get all the jokes.

My favourite instruments are the two trumpets and the two kettledrums.

My favourite song is Ha-le-you-lah.  It goes like this:


I got gummi bears during the intermission.  I also got a hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles after.

I REALLY wanted to leave after Ha-le-you-lah.  My mom let me play with her phone.

I did NOT like all the clapping after the man sang with the trumpets.  People just would not stop clapping!*

We got to do Ha-le-you-lah two times which is the best part when they do it with the drums.

People on the stage got flowers.  Then we went home.

Oh! And I liked the lights in the building, too, but my mom wouldn’t tell me what P-O-O-O spelled BUT GUESS WHAT IT SPELLS?**

It spells poo!  Now I understand that joke!

I would go see this show again.”

Massey Hall typo* Baritone Brett Polegato was outstanding.  The thunderous applause following The Trumpet Shall Sound was well-deserved.

** Seve asked me this question in the world’s loudest stage whisper. I had no idea what he was talking about until I looked up.

For a sense of what the afternoon’s performance was like, check out Tafelmusik‘s event page or watch this video and sing along to the Ha-le-you-lah chorus in the comfort of your own home.

The system of the broom

dustpan_and_broomI would make an excellent Big Fat Gypsy Wife, owing to the fact that I have, oh, another 15 lbs to lose, and the undeniable reality that a tent trailer represents the approximate square footage (140) that I can successfully keep tidy on a daily basis.

Well, my half, anyway.

Closed the curtain on the rest.

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“We solved a problem, problem solved.”

Before we even made it to the park we decided to stop for a late lunch at the Customary Spot on Main Street, Penetanguishene.  I ate enough food for three people because that’s what they serve you on Main Street, Penetanguishene.  No complaints.

pair_of_pillowsWhile eating, it occurred to me that I didn’t pack any pillows.  They were on P’s list, which I’d composed, but they were included in the part of the list that was written on the back.  I’m not sure that P knew there was a back involved.  I’d included a descriptive/instructional/fairly pretty arrow indicating such, but on the plenty-of-time-to-navigate-cryptic-lists  to do-we-really-HAVE-to-feed-the-kids-breakfast-shitshow spectrum, we veered pretty hard toward shitshow.

“Can’t we just improvise for one night?” he asked.

And so we did, by driving one town over to the WalMart, where we spent $80.00 on sunscreen, a BBQ lighter and three pillows for four heads.

This is the second installment in the 2014 edition of Yelling At Kids In Nature.  Read ’em all here.

Yelling At Kids In Nature™

Last week we went on our annual camping trip with the kids.

While the location affords almost zero cell reception, I still carried my iPhone with me everywhere I went, owing to the fact that it has a decent camera and the fact that unless I’ve got reading to distract me, writing is inevitable.  So I wrote down a dozen or so observations about camping that I’ll spam you with over the next week, I’m sorry and you’re welcome.

In case it wasn’t obvious, I wrote them all on my phone:


If you think I’m talking about you here, yeah, you’re probably right.

If you think I’m talking about you here, yeah, you’re probably right.