Bureau of desperation

I honestly didn’t think any neighbourhood offering could top the world’s saddest microwave.

This wouldn’t have even caused me to slow down and look were it not for the last little bit of needy, pleading punctuation.


900 years of time and space

Man oh man oh man.

I feel like I have a lot to say but it’s just not coming out.  I need to do some design tidying here, which isn’t helping.  Is avoidance a superpower?  Can I just sew a big red “A” on my shir … yeah … never mind.

In the meantime, since words are on some kind of I-didn’t-ask-for-it hiatus, here is some more neato signage from my superdupe neighbourhood.

I noticed the yarn bombing first (and figured out later that it might have been posted for International Yarn Bombing Day):


When I got a bit closer, I saw the blue sign — you can see it peeking out at bottom — and grabbed a pic of that, too:


I’ve not seen an episode of Doctor Who since, oh, 1980, but I knew right away that this had to be a quote from the series (internet confirms it is so).

There aren’t many characters who can lay claim to that kind of life experience, and there’s the obvious overlapping of the fandom and knitting communities (not to be confused with the overlapping of dodgy neighbourhoods and knitting communities).

(And before you even say it, yes, it’s crochet, not knitting.)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

Just in time for Valentine’s Day — though actually photographed in early February of last year — yet another sign from my unique neighbourhood:


Of course, I took patience.

Check out more “unique” photos at The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge and for more photos of the strange signs that I attract like toddlers attract sticky, click on the links below.

UPDATE:  Thanks to prompting from Fay at Fly on the Wall — who found a bajillion of these posters on Pinterest — I decided to look up the origin of these posters and found two good links: Lisa wrote about this back in May (Take What You Need Project – Vancouver), which resulted in the poster’s creator sharing the story of how it all began).

I’m just not wanted

My neighbourhood has the best signs (see here, here, here and here).  I was thinking of starting a new category just for these, and after coming across this on the way home, I think I will:


Poor old Nukie.  I almost brought him home, but I knew P would only let me give him a little bowl of WD-40 before sending him off to “culinary camp.”

That’s if I can even get in the front door.  Check out what welcomed me home after a few hours off on my own:


If you think I’m talking about you here, yeah, you’re probably right.

If you think I’m talking about you here, yeah, you’re probably right.