Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day In My Life

I knew when I saw this week’s photo challenge that I wasn’t going to be able to post right away, that doing it properly was going to take some time.  It took, as you might imagine, a whole day.

I started when I woke up yesterday at 7:15 AM and mostly kept it up through to my (unusually late) bedtime at 2:00 AM.

Even though the hourly photos stopped at 7:15 PM, that wasn’t the end of my day — I went to a music rehearsal with a dozen gorgeous women (it is utterly your loss that I failed to capture the experience) and came home to a few more hours of work (me staring off into space, hands resting lightly on waiting keys is hardly a compelling visual).

The last two shots, of music and my keyboard are recreations, but they accurately capture the last seven hours of my day.

More at The Daily Post weekly photo challenge.


  1. Ab Fab!! (copy cat on title- I know :))

  2. Love this! I’m still trying to gather the courage to reveal (admit to) a day in my life – guess I’ll be posting it late, as usual! Love that Lego tin! ;)

    • Heh. I can’t even remember where that tin came from, originally. I think my dad enjoyed its contents then as much as his grandson does now.

  3. This was a great prompt. Love those little faces that keep popping up. :) Does the “No Junk Mail” actually work?

    • It is SHOCKINGLY effective. P is always saying that he wants to replace it, though. We could use the flyers and adverts — it’s the door-to-door soliciting that grates on the nerves.

  4. I saw your photo on “No Junk Mail.” A few years ago, my sister shared with me a trick she has done for junk mail. she printed in bold red “Take me off your list” on whatever she receives. If there is a no-postage necessary return envelope, she stuffs everything in the envelope and mails it back to the sender(s). It has always worked. I see my junk mail decrease to almost nothing!

    • Oh, we’ve done that, too! I figure if someone is going to be rude enough to send me something unsolicited, they deserve to pay for the return postage. Good to know it’s effective!

  5. Wow, you seemed to have your hands full…but your kids are so adorable!
    Thanks for sharing your day, it made me miss my “kids” who are young adults now. Enjoy the little ones and take care!

    • I do, and thanks, and you’re welcome! It was fun to do for a day. Can’t believe it was a week ago!

If you think I’m talking about you here, yeah, you’re probably right.

If you think I’m talking about you here, yeah, you’re probably right.

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