65 down, 300 to go

Well, I successfully navigated the fives stages of self-loathing, and added a few more.

Two months into my 365 project, I’ve managed not to miss a day.  The habit is formed, and I’m getting better at spontaneous self-portraits.  I care much less about how I look in every photo, and more about wanting to tell an interesting story; even though none of the photos are edited beyond basic exposure/colour tweaks, I don’t want to be repetitive.  And two months in, that’s getting … challenging.

For family and friends who have seen these as a consequence of my daily Facebook profile pic changes — take a closer look.  I am almost always not naked, despite Facebook’s pervy crops.

As with all my phone dumpths, all photos are shot with my iPhone 4.  Light editing provided by the Camera+ app.


  1. mulliganstew77 says:

    I love all of these shots, and not because I’m family and I have to be nice to you, but because they’re all neat pictures.

  2. You are a gorgeous woman Jeni! Love your hair style :) Also, I have way too many favorites among the photos above to point out just one. But if you held me at gun point and demanded a favorite- then “Yep” would be it :) Your expression is so , for the lack of a better word, REAL!

    • Thanks so much! Lots of folks who have to deal with my face in real life like that one, too. “Real” is the perfect word for it.

  3. Potty seats make absolutely divine hats! Lol! I think that one’s my fave. :-)

  4. That is seriously impressive. I had to come over and visit because your comment was my favorite of the day. Totally kick-ass blog. =)

  5. I love them, all of them. I have a real issue with photographs of myself and I think I need to get over that so this has inspired me. I managed 35 days of the 365 project so well done with that as well.

  6. Davethetemp says:

    Wonderful pictures, It’s nice to see them together.

  7. I love the PJ’s on the head.

If you think I’m talking about you here, yeah, you’re probably right.

If you think I’m talking about you here, yeah, you’re probably right.

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