Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

I don’t take resolutions all that seriously (see also: 2013: The year of removing tough laundry stains the first time).

I do like a challenge, though, and this year’s iteration is a 365 project — one self-portrait every day for a year.  Only four days in but so far, so good.  Here’s my favourite so far:


More at The Daily Post weekly photo challenge.



  1. good luck! I hope you’ll have 365 expressions – or locations?

  2. Cute. Look forward to following your progress. :)

  3. good luck on your project! sounds cool.

  4. Good job. I am taking on a similar 365 dayer…but it starts at the end of this month…365 portraits of me…scary

  5. OOooh I love this idea! I might save it in my back pocket for next year! Thanks!

    • It’s … challenging. I don’t like the way I look in photos; so when I say “challenging,” I don’t mean taking the shots, I mean sharing them. :-)

  6. Good for you taking this challenge on! I’d never do it or I’d like to keep up with my color to hide my gray hair…

  7. Wishing you strength and resolve to do the 365! I just finished 365 and am so glad I got through it all!

    • Thanks — it’s all fun right now but I have a feeling the excitement is going to start flagging, oh, any day now. :-)

  8. lovely kids! have a blessed new year!

  9. Good luck on the 365 pictures. I did it for a few months but I stopped. I just got tired of take my same face everyday. You have to be creative and it is hard to do for 365 times. You can put it on Flickr but you have to have a pro account. I cancelled my pro account, I thought it was too much just to put up a picture of me. I save all my pictures on flash drives.

    • Yeah, 365 is a lot of photos. I’m going to have to branch out to include body parts other than my face (keeping it PG, mind) if I’m going to make it through the year. I’ve got a pretty good system for backing up photos but I always forget about Flickr — thanks for the reminder!

  10. advocacine says:

    Will wait to see all your 365 photos…in the tiled gallery. I can imagine mosaic of expressions. Good idea!

  11. hehe .. I should have that idea myself .. .I think it is very interesting project you start I have a little myself – I think this picture on this post is great – an artist’s soul – I love it!!

  12. Great family shot here…

  13. kringdzulai says:

    ohhhh! hi jeni! you gave me an idea. :) since my blog is fairly new having a 365 project would certainly nudge it a bit. :)


    • It’s a fun project! 365 can be a bit daunting, though … when I started blogging again, I decided to do photo posts at mid-month and end-of-month. Twice a month was a smaller commitment, and it’s built-in content — don’t have to come up with post ideas those days. Phew!


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If you think I’m talking about you here, yeah, you’re probably right.

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