Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

I’ve written about absurd urban signage in the past — both others’ and my own — but I think this might be my all-time favourite, seen this spring on my street in east-end Toronto:

More at The Daily Post weekly photo challenge.

And a more traditional take on urban — Madrid’s Puerta del Sol at sunset:


  1. Northern Narratives says:

    That’s a good one :)

    • We do have a problem with declining songbird populations, but the total non-specificity of this particular poster cracked me up.

  2. Ah, that first is classic! Made both me and my husband laugh. You’d like to think that someone, somewhere is wondering why no one is calling…

  3. Hehehe, nice!

  4. So much awesomeness.

  5. thank you for awakening a smile with the “bird found” image as well as visiting my urban challenge submission.

  6. This goes well with the lost turtle signage…..lost turtle found bird…Harry Potter involved?

    • Believe me, I scrutinized the handwriting (to see if it was the same person putting up the signs, not to see if it was HP).

  7. Next thing there’ll be an “owner lost” sign next to it!

  8. Maybe in a bird-phone-system there are only 6 numbers.

    • Nah, there were 10, I edited out the last four. Owners of missing birds, if you’re reading this, shoot me an email and I’ll hook you up with the missing digits! :-)

  9. Your sign image is a classic! Part of an urban landscape at its best! I appreciate your delightful eye!

    • Thanks! I do live on a pretty wacky street, it seems!

      • I lived on High Park Avenue between Annette and Dundas. A very old… quiet and conservative area… very boring unless I went up to Dundas and headed east!

        • Ah, High Park … beautiful part of the city. We’re in the east end — Danforth past Greektown. We don’t have the gritty gentrification of Leslieville or the Starbucks of the Beach … but we’ll get there. :-)

  10. The first one is utterly funny! :-D

  11. Must be a good neighbourhood otherwise they would just have cooked it!

  12. jakesprinter says:

    Excellent work :)

  13. I love your first one! That’s so funny! Z

  14. The lack of detail in the sign is funny, thanks for taking the picture :)

  15. Wonderful. I especially the the first one for this theme.

  16. That sign is funny… first thing I ask is was it a wild bird? That would have been great for the travel theme challenge 2 weeks ago on Signs… I posted some funny translations into Chinglish ;)
    Anyway my real reason for being here is more important!
    I have just nominated you for an award… stop by and get all the details :)

    • Thanks for the (om-nom-)nom!

      Not sure if it was a wild bird (or even a real one) but I like to imagine that it was: “brown body, reddish chest, eats worms, answers to peep-peep-peep” kind of thing.

      • LOL! I almost lost my friends bird once. I opened the cage to feed it and it flew outside! Stupid thing never did anything until I tried to be helpful. Guess he saw it as his chance to escape. I may have been needing one of those signs… Lost Cockatoo… ;)

  17. Love the 2nd shot lights. ;-)

  18. I presume this was a bird of the feathered kind. :) Love your Puerta del Sol photo. The artwork on those buildings is amazing.

    • Thanks! The Madrid photo was taken in 2006 or thereabouts, while the area was under construction; the city painted the hoardings with images of the square from … er … days of yore (can’t recall the exact, or inexact, dates!).

  19. DWL – Bird found! :)


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If you think I’m talking about you here, yeah, you’re probably right.

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