Weekly photo challenge: purple

When I moved away from home, my parents converted my room to a sewing room for my mom.

Meet my little brothers and sisters:

More at The Daily Post weekly photo challenge.

Updated to include unedited photo of purple bobbins in context:


  1. that’s purple indeed!

    • I thought I might have to choose from mauves and navy blues and boost the colours … clearly I underestimated the scope of my mother’s thread stash!

  2. Lovely!

  3. Love the vividness.

  4. cool! now that’s purple!

  5. Thanks for liking my Purple post. Yours is very funny. My daughter worries now what her room will become, yet she has told us many times she has no intentions of ever living home again.

  6. You’ve been tagged! Play if you would like.

    I love Purple!

  7. Lovely!

  8. Perfecto colour :D

  9. Love the razzle dazzle here! Remember once upon a time when women of a certain age dyed their hair purple . . . !?!

  10. Oh I love it!

  11. such a bright purple

  12. What are you going to make with that? :-)

    • Oh, goodness, nothing. That’s my mom’s thread, for her serger (which I don’t know how to use, and for the sake of our awesome relationship shall avoid ever using). :-)

  13. You’re quite a color-cheater!

    • I wish I had the skill to cheat! Shot on my iPhone, adjusted light levels in Picasa because the harsh light from the side made the darker purples (top and far left) look almost black.

      These were a half dozen of, if I had to guess, 500-600 spools of thread, so I did get to select the specific colours I wanted (bit of a cheat, there). :-)

  14. Looks like she put your room to good use. Love the spools of purple. Great capture. :-)

  15. A very intense rendition of purple… very well done!

  16. I can see your Mom has taste :)

    Fortunately we had two children. When they moved out there was room for much more moving in. My collection (including those that I dye to sell) literally have taken over. I daren’t show a picture of my purple collection!

  17. So cool… love them… :)

  18. A very original take on the theme! :)

  19. Cute take on the challenge – great color! ;-)

  20. It’s when I look at ribbons and bobbins and thread and material in that vivid hue that I really, really wish that I knew how to sew. But I don’t. And when I try, I’m really, really bad. So I’m very glad you posted this instead :-)

    • There is — or maybe was, I haven’t been in that part of the city in ages — a store in Toronto called Mokuba that sold the most achingly beautiful ribbon. I’ve never set foot inside. I just told myself it must cost $90/metre and satisfied myself with enjoying the window display.

      • It’s a gorgeous store – I’ve been many a time. Last time was with a friend who was looking for purple silk cord for her 2nd wedding dress. I had ribbon envy for days.

  21. thanks a lot for liking my post and for visiting my blog! I simply love threads specially purple ones. :) awesome entry indeed! :)

  22. I’m really not a fan of purple but in this photo the color is awesome :-)

    • It’s not my favourite, either, but after this week’s challenge I’m starting to understand its appeal!

  23. Real purple indeed :)

  24. wow! now that is purple. I love the color of thread, always so intense

    • I am a sucker for the thread section at a fabric store. And the paint chip section at a hardware store.

  25. A nice take on the challenge – different and creative.

  26. Yep, that’s purple, alright! Very nice composition.

  27. Fantastic item and color… :-)

  28. Really beautiful! Thanks for the “like”, that brought me here.

  29. I am liking the vibrancy! Great shots.

  30. I am honored to nominate you for The Beautiful Blogger Award! Please pick-up your award at http://www.authenticphotography.wordpress.com . Copy and Paste the Award to your blog and follow the rules of acceptance. I wish you many blessings. Congratulations!!

  31. Lovely rich colour. I missed this challenge as I was holidays… and I love purple!
    Thanks for the visit over at CTB :D

    • Thank you! You had me at “Canadian.” :-)

      • LOL So I am guessing you are also Canadian?
        I am an expat… just came back from Our Home and Native Land to go back to work in Shanghai, China.

        • Tronna, here. Home of tall buildings and dismal sports franchises.

          • Wow we grew up just across the lake and had the view of the Big City. Shanghai is tall building and cranes everywhere… and I was surprised to see that Toronto is much the same lately! You can’t even see the SkyDome anymore with all the new building around! We were in Toronto a few times while we were home.

  32. I love purple, and this one really caught my eye. Very, very nice – and it’s the thread I love too. :-) Gotta get me some of this color now, for the next purse I make!!

  33. Beautiful.

If you think I’m talking about you here, yeah, you’re probably right.

If you think I’m talking about you here, yeah, you’re probably right.

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